Tackling Homelessness One Firehouse at a Time

My mom called me one day last year to tell me that she had an idea. She is currently on the Board of Commissioners in her county, and she knew of an old fire station that the county owned that was no longer being used.

She wanted to see it turned into a facility that could be used to temporarily house the homeless and provide services to residents.

Hope Station Firehouse, Greenville, North Carolina

Since that time she’s convened members of the faith community to share her idea, worked with a local architect to develop an initial redevelopment plan, and commandeered me, her daughter, to provide pro bono legal services to set up a non-profit to handle the operations and management of the facility.

We sometimes think that our plans have to be grand. They don’t. We think that we have to have a whole lot of money to start. She didn’t. We think that we won’t be able to get support. That’s so not true.

When people see the good you are trying to do, trust me, they will be there for you. Check out our video below.

Fitness Enthusiast & Business Law Attorney

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