Is Vitaminwater worth the Hype?

I’ve been drinking Vitaminwater for a while. Sure I could just drink water. But water has no flavor, and I need just a bit of flavor.

Like a lot of flavored bottled waters, Vitaminwater has been the subject of a lot of talk, both good and bad. For me, they’re just a few reasons whey I”m choosing vitaminwater over water.

  1. Vitaminwater comes in a few different flavors. I’ve been drinking the lemonade flavor for a while. There’s only a hint of it. It’s not overpowering.
  2. It doesn’t have a lot of sugar. It probably could use a little more sweetness. But I’ll take it as it is.
  3. Because it’s bottled water, it works great as a grab and go drink. But I suppose this could apply to any bottled drink.
  4. The Vitaminwater Zero is no calories. This is the version that I drink.
  5. It’s not carbonated, and therefore, it will go down easier. I have a harder time drinking carbonated drinks, like soda.

For more on the hype around Vitaminwater, you can check out my video on the subject.

Shelia Huggins is a North Carolina licensed attorney who loves sharing health and fitness strategies. You can get more tips on her blog at

Fitness Enthusiast & Business Law Attorney

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