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This is MomLife. When your daughter almost runs out of gas and you’re sorta stranded pretty much in the middle of nothing…well, all sorts of things start to happen.

My apologies to the nice AAA guy in this video.

Because I was on the phone with him as he was driving up and I was outside alone, I didn’t have on my face mask. Once he arrived, I showed him my ID from a distance, but then he was closer to my bag (with my face mask in it) than I was. So, I couldn’t get the face mask.

I was trying to get video without getting too close and ultimately had to move to the other side of the car. But for a second I forgot, because I was so busy watching him and what he was doing.

And I kept thinking…so how do you tip him when you’re trying to social distance. And would he even want to take the money. I really should have asked that when I was on the phone with AAA.

Obviously, I need a COVID handbook on how to handle daily interactions.

And watch the video and let me know. Would you drink the water or not?


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