How to Manage Zoom Burnout and Fatigue

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Because of COVID, a lot of the things we used to do in person, we now do through Zoom.

All of my evening organizational meetings now happen either through Zoom, WebEx, or GoTo Meeting. In addition, there are all of these new virtual learning events and relationship-building events that I’m being invited to.

These opportunities are great. But it can also be a lot!!

Some of my Zoom meetings last a really long time. Most of them start after work, usually around 6:30, but sometimes as late as 8:00 pm. So, yeah, if it’s an hour and thirty minutes, that’s 9:30 pm when it ends.

So how do we take advantage of these opportunities without suffering from Zoom fatigue or Zoom burnout?

Check out the video for tips that you can use right now, and share it with people you know who might need to see it.


My name is Shelia Huggins, and my goal is to share health and fitness tips with you so that we can all reach our health and fitness goals.

I live in North Carolina, where I practice law. I’m also a member of the Democratic National Committee. In my spare time, I run, walk, lift weights and basically workout just about every day. I also have a daughter. I volunteer with a lot of local organizations and have plenty of personal projects I’m working on. So like you, I have a lot of responsibilities. Join me as I share tips and strategies, while trying to do all this other stuff too. I’m also a fitness vlogger, YouTuber, health and fitness blogger, and a bunch of other stuff.


Want even more tips…connect with me: For more health and fitness tips and some personal fitness stuff. For those lifestyle and fitness goings-on. For ideas on home gyms and especially workout clothes!! For professional tips and connections. For general business, legal, and entrepreneurial tips. For how I’m managing to stay health and fit with all the responsibilities of life.

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Fitness Enthusiast & Business Law Attorney

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