How to Get Over Your Fear of Being in Videos: Appear Confident and Professional with These Five Tips


Write out your scripts. Why should you write out your scripts you ask? Because, this will be like providing a map for people and will let them know what to expect. As a result, they can follow along more easily. So, what should you think about with your scripts.


Practice your scripts. Why practice? Because it will help become more comfortable with the script and therefore appear more confident. You will come across as not only knowledgeable but also relatable. In other words, be yourself. Consider using practical examples that people can relate to because that will help them relate to you. And that’s what we want.


Use a teleprompter. Using a teleprompter forces you to stick to your script so that you don’t go off on a tangent. it helps you keep your video to the point, and it keeps you from trying to remember everything that you need to talk about. Here are a couple of teleprompter tips, though.

  1. Also make sure that the speed of the teleprompter matches the speed of your delivery. Make sure that it’s not too slow or too fast. This is another reason why you should practice.


Get feedback before posting. This tip is pretty simple. Do a practice run and share it with someone who you know will give your honest feedback. The trick, though, is to find someone who will give you honest feedback meaning, that they will tell you the following:

  1. They should also let you know when they didn’t understand what you were saying.
  2. They should let you know when a question popped in their head that you didn’t answer or if questions came up later.
  3. And finally, when they felt like they wanted you to go into more detail, when something seemed really interesting. That will not just tell you when you need to go into more detail but also what might be the next good video topic.
  4. You need to receive feedback and not just…oh, that was good. If your feedback person is not giving you any suggestions, you may want to consider getting a new feedback person. The goal is to appear confident and knowledgeable, and we all need feedback that will help us improve. Remember, though, we aren’t aiming for perfection, but for progress.


Tip number five, which is also our last tip is…wrap up your points at the end of the video. That helps your viewers with that map that I mentioned at the beginning of this course, and they’ll be able to double check whether they made note of all the points that they were supposed to get. So, for instance, in this video, I might consider wrapping up like this…

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