Fast Food Eating During COVID

So yeah…every now and then, I engage in a bit of fast food eating. I sometimes even plan for it. When I do, I usually make sure that I’ve been making healthy choices prior to this indulgence, and I will do so afterwards.

We’re all living stressful lives. We’ve got lots of things going on and lots of responsibilities. We’re worried about COVID every time we leave the house.

Sometimes, we just want to be able to have someone else cook the food. We don’t want to have to clean up either. No dirty dishes. No range, counters, and sinks to clean. It’s a time to indulge in more than one way.

But it’s not always perfect, as I found out in my latest trip to Bojangles.

Shelia Huggins is a North Carolina attorney who spends her time setting and achieving her health and fitness goals, serving on the Democratic National Committee, and trying to limit the stresses of daily life.

Fitness Enthusiast & Business Law Attorney

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