Is Vitaminwater worth the Hype?

I’ve been drinking Vitaminwater for a while. Sure I could just drink water. But water has no flavor, and I need just a bit of flavor.

Like a lot of flavored bottled waters, Vitaminwater has been the subject of a lot of talk, both good…

So yeah…every now and then, I engage in a bit of fast food eating. I sometimes even plan for it. When I do, I usually make sure that I’ve been making healthy choices prior to this indulgence, and I will do so afterwards.

We’re all living stressful lives. We’ve got…

Photo by Claudia Barbosa from Pexels

This is MomLife. When your daughter almost runs out of gas and you’re sorta stranded pretty much in the middle of nothing…well, all sorts of things start to happen.

My apologies to the nice AAA guy in this video.

Because I was on the phone with him as he was…

Shelia Huggins

Fitness Enthusiast & Business Law Attorney

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